4 Key Benefits of Windshield Wiper Fluid in Your Car

Is it water or windshield wiper fluid? Both windshield cleaning options do clean it for visibility, but the difference is at the accompanying benefits. The only advantage of water is that it's cheaper than washer fluid.

Here are some of the reasons why windshield wiper fluid that using water:

  • The washer fluid has solvents and detergents which water lacks that helps in destroying microorganism like bacteria on the windscreen and dirt.
  • Washer fluid freezes at low temperatures compared to water which is as 32°F, therefore washer fluid can be used in most all environments.
  • The washer fluid again performs some lubrication activities in the mechanical cleaning system; reducing instances of corrosion and tear to the pump.
  • Even if the washer fluid remains in the reservoir for a long time, there is no buildup of organisms like in water hence acts as a health measure to the driver.

Here at FIAT of Portland ensure that you got your reservoir filled with washer fluid for clear visibility while driving in Portland, ME.

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