Listen When Your Car Tells You It's Time for Brake Service

You are driving down the street, rocking out to your favorite radio station and you see a stop sign. You apply your brakes, and a loud grinding squeal erupts from behind the car's firewall. Your car stumbles to a stop, almost as if the brakes are struggling to work. You get the impression that you might need brake service.

If you have concerns about your brakes, don't wait. The signs of brake problems can be subtle, but the consequences of ignoring them aren't. If your car's brakes grind or squeal, there might be a problem. The same can be said if you ever experience a spongy brake pedal or if the car pulls to the side.

When you decide to get brake service done, come visit the service center at FIAT of Portland in Portland, ME. Our friendly and professional team members will be happy to help you with your brake service needs. We'd also be glad to perform a full inspection of your vehicle to address any other maintenance concerns you're experiencing. Don’t take chances with your safety, get proper brake service today.

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