Five Signs Your Car Battery May Be Failing

If you can learn to identify when the battery in your car is about to fail, you stand a good chance of never being stranded on the side of the road waiting to be jump-started or towed to a service station.

Consider and remember these five warning signs that the car battery in your car could be failing:

1. The casing around the car battery appears to be swollen.

2. The interior lights and the headlights are getting dimmer each time you drive the car.

3. When the vehicle is started in the morning, the engine will turn over very slowly.

4. If you press the horn button, the sound of the car horn is very weak.

5. The check-engine light was blinking before but now remains lit on the car's dashboard all the time.

If you have questions about your car battery or are concerned that you might need your battery maintenance, get in touch with the service center at Fiat of Portland in Portland, ME. Our service staff is highly skilled and will be able to identify the problem and assist you in its maintenance.

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