The Benefits of Air Dams

Your car's engine is a heat-generator, and it takes many different parts to keep temperatures at manageable levels. The engine coolant must circulate through the radiator for cooling, and the fan must pump air over the radiator and the motor. These parts play big parts in the cooling picture, but there is another part that is either often overlooked or ignored. This unsung member of the cooling system team is called an air dam.

Air dams tend to sit low beneath your front bumper, and thus can be easy to miss. Nevertheless, these parts serve as important backups players for your engine fan. At highway speeds, the air dam behaves as a type of airfoil, channeling high-speed highway winds underneath and up through the engine compartment. Without one of these devices in place, your motor has a much harder time doing away with excess heat.

At FIAT of Portland, our skilled and certified cooling system repair associates have significant experience dealing with air dam installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Come to our Portland, ME location today for a no-obligation consultation about your air dam and the rest of your cooling and heating system parts.

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